You might be a Scoutaholic if:

You have your local BSA office or scoutshop on speed dial.

You can actually start a fire by rubbing two sticks together.

You can imagine hiking 50 miles -- heck, you did it already while carrying a 40 pound backpack.

You can tie a load down (on a trailer, truck, or car) and it stays down -- not only that, you can do it faster than those other guys.

Your children know the scout law (backwards and forwards) before they learn their A B Cs.

Your council office and/or the National BSA offices limit you to 1 call per day.

A trip to Philmont is a pilgrimage.

You limit the patches and pins you wear because you don't want to be mistaken for a Christmas tree.

Your camping equipment is always packed in your backpack, and you can be ready to leave in 10 minutes.

You roast a mini-marshmallow on a paper clip over a candle; then put it on a golden graham with one chocolate chip, just to get the flavor.

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