You might be a Scoutaholic if:

You pull things out of the garbage because you can use it to make ... for scouts.

You've held your current scouting position longer than you have held your last three jobs.

The next square knot you hope to earn a) will take twenty years to earn, and/or b) requires a life to be endangered so you can save them.

You have so many badges of office, that you can't possibly wear them all.

Your scouting books account for at least one third of your entire personal library.

The only book you have ever read was written by Robert Baden Powell.

The greatest philosopher, or leader who ever lived was either Robert Baden Powell, or your Scoutmaster. You can't decide which.

You can't have a conversation longer than 10 minutes unless the subject involves scouting.

Your first priority when reading your email is the scouting emails, you have a special email folder for filing your scouting emails, and/or after reading a scouting email you mark it as 'unread' to remind you to come back and read it again.

You need a new truck, with an extended cab and a full size bed so you can carry the scouts and the gear. (Oh, and maybe occasionally use it for your family.)

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