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The Scoutmaster's Award of Merit may be earned by a Scouter who meets the following requirements. The nominee need not be an Eagle Scout but must:
Be a currently registered Scoutmaster who has served in that position for at least 18 months.
Have achieved the Quality Unit Award at least once during his period of service.
Have completed Boy Scout Leader Fast Start and Scoutmastership Fundamentals or equivalent.
Have a record of proper use of the Boy Scout advancement program, resulting in a majority of his Boy Scouts attaining the First Class rank.
Have a record of:
   Development of boy leadership through the patrol method
   Positive relations with the troop's chartered organization
   An extensive outdoor program including strong summer camp attendance
   A positive image of Scouting in the community
   A troop operation that attracts and retains Boy Scouts
The following must be attached to the application form:
A list of Boy Scouts who became First Class Scouts during the nominee's tenure as a Scoutmaster
A statement by the senior patrol leader on behalf of the patrol leaders' council and the troop committee chairman attesting to the nominee's performance as Scoutmaster. (This statement is certified by the senior patrol leader and troop committee chairman.)