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1.Meet age requirements: Be at least 18 years old.
NOTE: If a young man started working towards earning the Eagle Rank in Boy Scouts and didn't finish prior to his eighteenth birthday, and he starts working on the Adult Advancement requirements prior to his twentieth birthday, he may count his earlier work as having completed the corresponding adult requirements.
2.Be a registered Adult Member of the Boy Scouts of America, as well as a Registered Member of
3.Find a Scout Troop, Varsity Team, or Venture Crew near your home.
4.Know the Pledge of Allegiance, and explain what it means to you.
5.Know the Scout sign, salute, handshake, oath, law, motto, slogan, and the outdoor code. Agree to live by the Scout oath, law, motto, slogan and the outdoor code. Describe the Boy Scout Rank badges (all 7), and what each part of them represents.
6.Show that you know how to tie the square knot.
7.Complete the Boy Scout Leaders 'Youth Protection' training (available online at, agree to live by it's standards, and view the 'It Happened to Me' and 'A Time to Tell' Youth Protection videos (preferably with the youth in your unit and their parents).
8.Participate in an online Scoutaholics conference.