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PLEASE NOTE: The Venturing Program has undergone some major revisions.
Bronze, Gold, and Silver are now discontinued.
If you were working on Bronze, Gold, or Silver your deadline for completion was 12/31/2014.
To earn the Bronze Award for RELIGIOUS LIFE activities, do nine of the following:
1.Earn your denomination's Venturing-age religious award.
2a.Learn about cultural diversity.
2b.Make a presentation or tabletop display using the information you learned in (a) above.
2c.Invite someone from a different cultural background from yours and the majority of your crew's members to give a presentation on a subject of his or her choosing. Introduce your guest.
2d.Participate in a discussion about cultural diversity with your crew, Sunday school class, or other group.
3.Plan and lead a service project such as helping to build a Habitat for Humanity house, participating in a community cleanup project, or taking on a fix-up project for a nursing home or nursery.
4a.Serve as a volunteer in your church or synagogue or other nonprofit organization for at least three months.
4b.Keep a personal journal of your experiences each time you worked as a volunteer.
4c.After you have served as a volunteer for at least three months, share your experiences and how you feel about your service with others.
5.Go on a religious retreat or religious trek lasting at least two days.
6.Produce or be a cast member in some type of entertainment production with a religious or ethical theme, such as a play, a puppet show, or concert for a group such as a play, a puppet show, or concert for a group such as a children's group, retirement home, homeless shelter, or Cub Scout or Boy Scout group.
7.Serve as president, leader, or officer of your Sunday school class or youth group.
8.Complete a Standard First Aid course or higher course or its equivalent.
9a.Participate in at least two Ethical Controversies activities as a participant.
9b.Be a facilitator for at least two Ethical Controversies activities for your crew, another crew, your school class, a Boy Scout troop, or another group.
9c.Lead or be a staff member putting on an Ethics Forum for your crew, your church or synagogue, or your school class.
10.Serve as a Sunday school teacher or assistant for a children's Sunday school class for at least three months, or as a volunteer for a church/synagogue children's activity such as vacation Bible school. (This must be different than requirement 4 above.)
11.Meet with your church or synagogue minister/rabbi/leader to find out what he or she does, what they had to do to become your leader, and what they think is the most important element of their job.
[Activities or projects that are more available in your area may be substituted with your Advisor's approval for activities shown above.]