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As a Varsity Scout or Scouter in a Varsity Scout Team, by participating actively in all phases of the Varsity program you are entitled to receive the official Varsity Letter, and wear it on the Scout jacket and/or the bottom front of the merit badge sash. Note that the letter may be earned and worn by Adult Varsity Scout Team members that meet the same requirements as youth members.
1.Be a registered Varsity Scout team member.
2.While a team member, actively participate in or accomplish at least one high-adventure/sports pin to the satisfaction of the Varsity Scout Coach.
3.Have an attendance record at team meetings and activities of at least 75 percent for three consecutive months.
4.Satisfy the Varsity Scout Coach that you know and live by the Scout Oath and Law.
After you complete each Varsity Sport season or high-adventure program, you are eligible to wear an activity pin attached to your letter that represents your completion of that activity. You may also wear a gold bar on the letter to represent each additional letter you have earned.
Currently, the following activities are recognized in the Varsity Sports and "Ultimate Adventure" Program, and have pins available:
Backpacking, Basketball, Bowling, Canoe Camping, Caving, Cross-Country Skiing, Cycling, Discovering Adventure, Fishing, Freestyle Biking, Frontiersman, Mechanics, Orienteering, Rock Climbing and Rappelling, Roller Hockey, Shooting Sports, Snow Camping, Soccer, Softball, Survival, Swimming, Tennis, Triathalon, Volleyball, Waterskiing, Whitewater Canoeing
There are no specific requirements for the various pins. Basically, a Scout must earn the LETTER, then complete the sport or "ultimate adventure" to get the pin.