You might be a Scoutaholic if:

Your last birthday cake was prepared and served in a dutch oven.

You get to that monday morning meeting at the office and can't remember which hand to shake.

Your council office and/or the National BSA offices limit you to 1 call per day.

You're careful when you untuck your shirt to catch all the backs that have come off from the pins you wear.

Your front door has a zipper instead of a dead-bolt.

Going to the bathroom in the middle of the night involves shoes, a flashlight, and a shovel, and you have to take your own TP with you.

You can imagine hiking 50 miles -- heck, you did it already while carrying a 40 pound backpack.

Your spouse makes your favorite meal for your birthday, and it is wrapped in aluminum foil.

Your son hides his copy of Boys Life from you so that he can get a chance to read it.

You started planning and saving for the 2010 Centennial Jamboree prior to 2000..

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